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Its been raining like crazy in the dot and to be honest, I'm loving every moment of the rain. The lightening, the smell of rain (or as I was corrected sand:p) and the coolness of the air. Even though i've had a mixture of disappointing moments, the rain surprisingly has made me just a little happier. Here are a few outfits I've sported in the week but most images consist of my ode to toronto :). I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we both iterated how we can't live anywhere other than downtown! I'm such a city girl, born in Lagos, I don't think I can do otherwise...City life all the way for maxe.

Silk rose detailed blouse and my fav maxi skirt from club

beautiful walk home

I don't mind walking in the rain without an umbrella 

I love my city

Waist coat and stipped top from club, harem pants from italy, and
woven bag from an amazing imports store downtown toronto

I miss Lagos a lot though


  1. Love the maxi skirt. You are really beautiful.X

  2. Your style is love and seeing how you pull off your short hair. Really makes me appreciate mine so much more. Your beauty and Im so happy I came across your blog.




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