Style in the City

Ok loves. I thought it necessary to share with you all, some of my beautiful friends' and their take on their personal style; which makes them, them really. I had the opportunity to talk to a few of them at a bbq which was great, because it had been a while since I really got to chill with a whole lot of my darlings all at the same time. It was refreshing to hear their take on certain things. So please enjoy my little post on what I call a glimpse of style in my city. I think i'll make more videos from here on, but please enjoy this one.

Print on print fab!

Cropped Skinny's

The Khaki blazer tones down the "formal" look and transforms it into "casual"

Bold animal print

Colour Colour and more bold Colours

Jumpsuit loving

The genius himself Williverse

Floral Queen

And here is our little movie


  1. Oo I love Adesuwa's skirt!
    And Sanmi, your swag is just astronomical <3

  2. You all look amazing!!!

  3. Fabulous ! This is a really great post, the indviduality is amazing. Kudos Amaka !

  4. Thanks guys! Expect more to come!x

  5. i love the 1 top i sa beautiful



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