The One-zy

The one-zy, jumpsuit, one-piece or whatever you want to call it can save lives!!! Ladies, the moment you don't have time to think of an outfit, the one-zy is your best friend!!! Easy, super comfy and ready-to-go is what I was left to deal with as an outfit today, and I loved it!!! My trusty erin all in one jumpsuit from club did me justice. Here are a few shots of the easy breezy beautiful outfit.

Paired with a nice pair of open-toe pumps + chunky ring

In the spirit of longing for summer, I frequently throw on another one-zy while lounging at home. The colour is so vibrant, I fall in love with it every single time i put it on. And the best part is it was super cheap too!!!! One of my best buy's from forever21. The beautiful thing about the one-zy is you could play around with it by dressing it up or down, to cater to your taste.

Pieces to go! 
Heel...they always make an outfit pop no?


  1. Maxe! what lipstick do you use? mi likey!

  2. Lol. So many names; Jumper, jumpsuit, onesie, romper etc. But you look great in your haircut and jumpsuit! Awesome blog btw.

  3. It's called lady danger by MAC. It's a beautiful colour!

  4. I love your style girl...lovely blog



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