Iv'e been in the middle of a nasty cold/cough and I can officially say that amaka is craving spring badly; the beautiful sun, flowers and the smell of fresh air. In the spirit of craving the sun, I took advantage of the sunshine and warmth and used this as an outfit inspiration.

Layering a blazer with this chunky vintage cardi which has become my "outer wear" piece

The sheer tights and the oxford booties are subtle reminders that the cold is "almost" gone,
or i'm just choosing to believe it is!:p

The shoulder pads of the blazer worn underneath give the vintage cardi a structure
that i'm so in love with!

Doing the cat daddy!

Concentration is key when doing the cat daddy

Happiest jump before my phone fell! Check the phone in the air!
 Stay warm lovers!


  1. nice look, girl U got it!

  2. haha the pics are crazy :P and the phone oh my...
    love hte outfit, love the blog, just love it and following :) xo

  3. thanks again miss Sauniya. Thankfully the phone is fine :)



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