'angel love's: ANDREA IYAMAH

Hi guys! I stumbled upon a video that captivated me! Its design at it's finest, being illustrated brilliantly, showing the actual process of design from conception through till production. It made me smile because in all honesty i've been waiting for something unique and completely different from the "reblogging" phase, where everybody has the same picture of the same model wearing the same thing!

Andrea Iyamah is a young designer (and a friend's sister) and I am still learning a lot about this beautiful person. But just thought that I should share her newest work with you. She is interested in design, photography and the works, but what sets her apart from the regular "fashion-head" is the fact that this video shows how she puts her ideas together and then finishes off with a beautiful display of the finished product! Ok i'm rambling, but here it is!!! Oooh and she also has a blog; http://andreaiyamah.blogspot.com/

Here are a couple of images of her work. I'm so looking forward to more from her!



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