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So i've been procrastinating all week about putting up this post and I can finally say that happy I'm doing this. Tbh i've been super tired after work and something always comes up, so today I put my foot down, or technically picked up my laptop and decided to finish this up!!!

So there are a couple little things I tend to always have on me daily(accessories) that I thought to share with you all. My fav little pieces that add a little bit of character to the outfits I have on. Nothing too much, just a little bit of someth'n.

daily accessories worn with tee+ denim pants; basic easy outfit

my love charm bracelet+show stopper watch:p+ leather band

The buckle on the leather bracelet adds an extra detail to the simple accesory

Love layering these pieces

My key chain of charms goes with me everywhere!

Booties to glam up the look

And of course my trusty side part! It adds character to the "mini fro" (ps i hate the term "fro" but whatever, lol)

Can you tell i'm smizing?


  1. LOVE those shoes, and your hair looks nice and simple!!


  2. i love your tattoo....looks so cool! Wanna get one like that :)

    Onyxsta says BLEURGH!!



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