Blurry Vision of the Turban Queen

I've rekindled my love for turbans again and have been meaning to blog about them for a while so here we go. Technically what I do is take a scarf and tie it however way i feel; and just wrap it around my head several times till I get a good look. What I love about the scarf-turban is it never looks the same twice! Organically unique! There are several youtube videos on instructions on how to tie turbans, so do check them out of you're interested. I enjoy tapping into my nigerian head-tie basics for mine. If I find a great instructional video i'll share it with you all. Also I loved the outfit I wore to work sometime last week and decided to take a couple of quick "blurry" shots with my self timer. Enjoy!

chunky mens sweater- club + topshop wet leggins


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