I've been meaning to blog about one of the few additions to my closet; wide leg beauties! I have legs that are never ending, and you would think high waisted pants will make them even longer looking....guess what...I LAV EET!! The pants are so elegant and make even a t-shirt look dressy. Here are a few shots of the pants. Enjoy!

Top; Club Monaco, Pants; Zara

Pants; Zara, Shirt+Fur vest; Club monaco


  1. I have those shoes from Zara! I wore them to a fashion week event and people kept asking to take pics of them. Hot! xo

  2. Love it Amaka! Great choice of colors for the fall season.

  3. The shoes are awesome!!!! Thanks Ify!x

  4. I have palazzo trousers from zara as well, mine are in green tho :)
    Love the post! x


  5. Gorg - You are such a babe. Converting to the wide leg as we speak !

  6. Heyy (:
    Love your blog (even though its been a while since you blogged :(
    I was wondering where you got the fur vest kinda thing you're wearing over your top, don't know what its called x_x

  7. Hey Theodora!! I shall blog soon i promise! So much has been going on but in a few days a new post will be up I promise! The fur vest is from club monaco but I'm pretty sure you could find one in any other store. even a vintage store perhaps! Good luck with that!




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