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I launched 1.16 about a week ago. A portion of my dream company which is one part of a future concept studio. An idea I have been playing with for a while; to merge my love for design, art, architecture and food in a creative way. With my love for food, I figured that delving right into this portion of the concept was something I needed to do this year, and why not do it on a special day; my birthday! This years was unique; the date 1-16-16.

I had the privilege of hosting my friends and family at the IAMISIGO Showroom, in the beautiful city of Lagos. I served a tasting menu of a few of my favorite things to make (and eat), in an informal cocktail style setting. Each person got to sample a little bit of magic. Served on platters and banana leaves that were passed around the showroom. Here are a few images of some of the dishes served.

What was on the 1.16 menu?

Spicy snail and goat medley (served in wrapped banana leaf)

Curried goat hash 

Spicy chicken wings and waffles (made from my signature banana bread batter)
Bacon pear and avocado skewers
Sausage pear and avocado skewers
Creamy shrimp lettuce wrap
Creamy shrimp pockets

The Maxe & Watermelon Mimosa

The best part of the night was getting great feedback! Everyone actually enjoyed their food and that was the most satisfactory part of the night!

Prior to that glorious day, I had the chance to visit parts unknown to me in Lagos and critically explore varied neighborhoods. Here are a few shots of a few things I found interesting :)



All this wouldn't have been possible without the help from the people I love!
Thank you guys!!
This post is dedicated to you, even though I barely have photos of your lovely faces :)


  1. It was a lovely evening with great food (sincerely speaking ��) nice shots.



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