Colour me Natural

With warmth and the sweet smell of spring in the air, i've been noticing a trend this season with several designers and within local stores. Its the season for the nature-driven hues. Colours ranging from sandy whites to flush "cinnamony" shades of pink. I have gladly embraced these colours and incorporated them into my everyday ensembles. I can say i'm elated about sharing some of my fav colours of the season people!

Sand Tropez essie nail polish. My newest addition to my collection

A mixture of cashmere, cotton and modal fabric in a splash of my fav colours

Rose Bowl, Pal Springs, California Trooper, Moose


  1. You should try "gunmetal" by JoeFresh .. it's evening naturel dahling

  2. love the neutrals and the nails!! :)

    Onyxsta says BLEURGH!!



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