Spring began this year on a good note. The sun gives me so much energy, so this weekend was filled with great sleep (had a series of deadlines that deprived me of solid snoozing), amazing meals and series of catch up sessions with my lovers!

I took to my phone, and sometimes Williams' to capture the essence of this energy filled weekend! Enjoy the phone edited shots :)

Friday was spent at this amazing new waffle place in Kensington   The Dirty Bird
My belly thanked me the moment I took the first bite! UGH!!



After perusing the city for cool pastel backgrounds, 'verse and I tried a few yummy Jelly Modern Doughnuts Sadly we have no evidence of the goodness!

Saturday Tara and I decided to go HAM for lunch. I marinated wings the day before so I was exited to try them. I made a spicy jerk and garlic marinade. Tara (rommieloverfriend) whipped up the maddest crab fried rice! And we paired that with a fresh strawberry and arugula salad, oh and how can I forget our "plantain cake" experiment! Lets just say our bellies thanked us YET AGAIN!!!

Quick Dessert just 'cuz! Caramelized banana's with vanilla and strawberry syrup!!! 

Sunday was spent at the Drake Hotel, brunch was quite necessary and this was the best choice for that purpose! I'm pretty sure I've gained 5 pounds this weekend alone! I had their french toast which was oh lala mouth watering!

Can't you tell we're happy!

Cheers to a great week ahead!


  1. Just found your blog... I'm here to stay! Haha! Lovely pictures!!!




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