The past two weeks have been filled with newly developed challenges and disappointments. However I've found a way to rediscover ME, rekindling the love for myself to foster the rebirth of maxe!

This was coupled with the stresses of the end of first year masters in ARCHITECTURE! I found myself constantly asking myself why I chose to come back to school, with all of it's stresses when I was making good money and enjoying my life, but I was reminded by the few beautiful souls in my life about the goals I set for myself, to make my life the best possible story it could ever unfold into becoming!

I'm starting to realize that as you get older, the "road blocks" and "plan changers" have been placed specifically by God, who has a plan set out already for us; we're just playing it out. I believe every moment was intended to happen that way for a reason that would be realized later on.

So I'm embracing all the challenges, pushing harder through them and LIVING everyday as it comes, as beautifully and as pure heatedly as I can!

Nothing like an impromptu photo sesh with the boo willyverse to brighten up the week :)
We searched and searched for good lighting!





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