I'm in my late twenties and currently cringing as I type this statement! Last year started off pretty great but the last few months were quite trying. I went through some serious anxiety and depression and hid it quite well from my loved ones. This evidently caused more damage, but I slowly gathered up enough courage to share some of my thoughts, troubles, and worries with them. 

One of my best friend's was the first to carry this burden with me for months and I must say without him, I won't be smiling today! I appreciate you! With all the self-doubt, I compared myself to everyone that I saw succeeding in life, but with the help of all the people that care about me, I've had to do a lot of self-reflecting to focus on the things that are indeed making me happy.

With that being said, this new year has brought some new joys. I couldn't bring all that negativity into this new chapter, so I celebrated being alive and happy with some of my loved ones on my birthday.

Here's to an amazing year of love, friendship and serenity!










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