Breakfast in Bed?

Hey lovelies! It's been a minute, so I decided today to bless the world with my first attempt at moi moi! It's the easiest thing to make, and honestly once I did a quick search for tutorials online, I had to double check with my mama, who was interrupted by the self proclaimed specialist in our household, my dad!! The beauty of it is that his instructions were helpful! It's literally a steamed bean cake with endless possibilities of varying fillings like eggs, shrimp and any kind of meat you could think of. I may try to fill it with some diced avocado next, as I'm the biggest advocate for experimenting like that.

Cooking Instructions

I used mini disposable aluminum pans as a substitute for banana leaves, which is used traditionally (on a quest to find them asap). I soaked my already peeled black eyed beans for a few hours and blended with onions and chili peppers and a whole lot of yummy herbs and spices, even added sriracha as I ran out of palm oil. Then I poured my batter into the pans and stuffed with shrimp marinated in black pepper and salt as my filling. Placed aluminum foil balls at the base of a big pot to make a double boiler, and filled this base with water. After arranging my batter filled pans (sealed) in the pot, I put the covered pot on medium heat and let the steam work its magic for 45 mins.

And BOOM! this was the outcome!


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